Shift-ed Teleportation Puzzle/Parkour Map

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Inspiration and other common things of note:

This map is based around the Shift_c datapack's ( , made by Heroshine) mechanics that allows you to create, remove and swap places with teleport points (only 1 can ever be created at a time) using 3 dyes: Lime, Red and Cyan. The datapack itself is recommended for singleplayer and this map is also, if you'd like to try it in multiplayer go for it but if it doesn't work be warned it wasn't built for multiplayer (I don't know the issues that come with multiplayer so you'll just have to try and see what happens).


The datapack is bundled with the map so just download the map and play. I recommend reading anything about the datapack from here: but I do cover the mechanics with signs or common use of the blocks that are effected by the teleport mechanics as best I can either for challenge or to give the player an idea of their limitations and how they can overcome them to get through each level (trapdoor hitboxes blocking players, red terracotta walls that can't be teleported onto and more logic is common in this map).


It is simple enough to use so you could just play with the dyes/blocks to get used the datapack and skip the signs, but the signs are there just encase for things I've experienced when making the map (water teleport issues, sign/torch teleporting and so on).


Silent Trailer:


Avatar2003's Playthrough:


Developer Playthrough Parts 1 & 2 Coming Soon:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Expected Gameplay:

Lime creates the points, Red removes them and Cyan changes your place with the point you created (points are lime particles).


Various levels (6 and a bonus 7th at the end of level 6) are based around things like you teleporting on top of blocks (accessing them from different sides/angles if necessary) and the themes for each level have no meaning but are just there to add a bit more creativity/character to a map purely made for gameplay purposes (and avoiding using a lot of Red Terracotta and Glass) and obviously showing off the datapack's possibilities.


You may be teleporting using the datapack's mechanics, or otherwise swimming or crawling through 1 block gaps since this map is made with these 1.14 abilities in mind even if they only appear in certain areas of levels.


The level design won't win any awards but it's not supposed to after all. :)


Map Core Elements:

The map focuses on teleportation, a bit of parkour, secrets hidden like in old school minecraft maps where you just collect a bunch of diamonds for score and level changing from linear to open ended depending on the obstacles and level's theme besides just being an experiment of the datapack being used to show off what it can and can't do. This map has the datapack bundled with the map so you won't need to download it, but if you aren't able to use the dyes from the chest in level 1 then just use the command stated in the chest or after this sentence: /trigger items add 1



The goal of the map for the player is to find secrets, teleport, swim or crawl around the level and find the hidden stone pressure plate or lever in each level and place it on the cobblestone in front of Iron Doors to progress.



The rules are as simple as don't try to teleport out of the levels as they have Red Terracotta everywhere to block you from teleporting above the blocks at the level's highest points (it might make the levels look less appealing or strange but it is done for gameplay purposes).


Otherwise glass you can teleport through and you will need a 2 block or higher space before you can teleport, so crawling while trying to trigger the teleport won't work. Also do be careful of water or lava as you might get stuck or will be unable to teleport since it acknowledges these fluids as a block rather than ignoring them.


Play in survival as there is no block or item tagging for pressure plates and levers used to open the doors for each next level.


Wanted feedback for level design, and datapack difficulties:

if there is any issues with the map let me know so I can fix it or change elements that may be too difficult, or I may have messed up a key, or left areas players aren't supposed to be able to teleport to open. I have tested the map myself but I'd like feedback on game breaking things in this map.


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