Pixelmon Kalos - Pokemon's X & Y Recreated

8,739 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 28, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Main File

Filename Pixelmon Kalos V1.1 - Jond.zip
Uploaded by JondGames
Uploaded Jun 28, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 400.58 MB
Downloads 6,396
MD5 045f6b97ebb8de4f563edf9e00714021


-Added Power Plant main building exterior on Route 13.

-Added shadows in caves and rustling bushes that trigger ambush encounters when near.

-Added basic Town map item at spawn, displaying a static map of Kalos.

-Added Pixelmon furniture to some areas using newer Pixelmon blocks.

-Added NPC that gives the player a Skiddo at Skiddo ranch to ride.

-Added music while riding Bikes and Skiddo.

-Added toggle for rain in lobby.

-Added version patch for if players have a 1.0 save file.”/function custom:updatev1.1”

For upgrading a 1.0 world to 1.1:
Make a backup of your world save!
-Copy the new "region" folder located at "Kalos/region", and paste it into your current Kalos save file. Overwrite existing files.
-Copy the "custom" folder located at "Kalos/data/functions/custom" folder, and paste it into the same location in the current file.

-Delete your current "config" and "pixelmon" folders, and paste in the new folders into your .minecraft folder, or your main server folder.
-Load into Minecraft. Once all players are online (ignore for singleplayer), run the command "/function custom:updatev1.1". Chat will tell you if the function executed successfully.


-Fixed bug with Friend Safari not targeting same scores given by NPC trainers.

-Fixed bug that gave duplicate starters.

-Fixed several npcs not having battle music.

-Miscellaneous small bug fixes and tweaks.

-Updated config files for Pixelmon 8.0 and 8th generation.