Pixelmon Johto - Pokemon's Johto & Kanto recreated

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Filename Pixelmon Johto V2.0.2 - Jond.zip
Uploaded by JondGames
Uploaded Jun 3, 2019
Game Version 1.8
Size 173.61 MB
Downloads 707
MD5 3d384ddb53af5adef2f20fbe67aa6329
Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions


-Added Radio item upon spawn, allowing for playing local music on most routes/cities/gyms.

-Added bundled resource pack with custom sounds and textures.

-Added live location view Town Map.

-Added dynamic Pixelmon spawners, switching spawn rates based on time of day.

-Added toggleable option for gym leaders/elite four/Red as normal or bosses.

-Added randomized Safari Zone mechanism.

-Added spawners to Safari Zone biomes.

-Added Odd Egg daycare integration with Pixelmon’s eggs.

-Added Repel/Super Repel/Max Repel mechanisms.

-Added Whirlpools at Whirl Islands

-Added /titles displaying when entering cities or towns.

-Added lore to items sold in Poke Marts explaining uses.

-Added holographic names on Fly Map

-Added spawning of game’s headbutt Pokemon when you cut trees.

-Added Weekday clock, tracking Minecraft Monday-Sunday for future events.

-Added /playsound chime when shiny Pokemon sent out.

-Added dialogue for Elm, Mom, Mr. Pokemon, Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Red

-Added redstone for Ecruteak City gym and invisible floors.

-Remade Victory Road and Diglett’s Cave on HGSS schematics.

-Replaced all half iron door blocks with barrier blocks.

-Reworked Cut HM to use /fill command to get rid of surrounding oak wood.

-Reworked Red/Blue/Jade Orb and Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza spawning.

-Reworked Legendary beasts summoning in Burned Tower.

-Legendary dogs have a 5% chance of spawning after player walks in grass.

-Reworked Elite Four doors.

-Reworked S.S. Aqua gates and timing.

-Events now exclusive to players who have beaten the Elite Four:

-Red/Blue/Jade Orbs from Mr. Pokemon.

-Mom giving player a SS Aqua Ticket after walking downstairs.

-Route access to Mt. Silver, Kanto Gates, and Routes 47 & 48 (along with Safari).

-Added non-decayable items to Poké Marts for display.

-Added tower support movement animation in Bellsprout Tower.

-Added toggle for adventure map version or server spawn configs.

-Added barrier blocks bordering entire map.

-Changed spawn options to #global scoreboard, condensed Egg and Mom randomizers.

-Changed non-trainer-tips signs to armor stand holograms

-Changed tree to Sudowoodo

-Condensed portal teleport command blocks to single command per portal.

-Added every Pixelmon drop to emerald exchange in Poke Mart Merchant.


-Fixed gym leaders not spawning bug

-Fixed Fly map not recording town values because player scores =/= 0

-Fixed Fly map not showing red 0 values because player scores =/= 0

-Fixed massive swarm of mobs in Ilex Forest causing lag

-Fixed Bird Orbs not in Elm’s lab

-Decreased spawn chance of 3 Dogs to 2%

-Changed level of 3 Dogs to 40

-Changed Guide Gent’s trade to live town map