Only 24 Days (A minecraft advent calendar)

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Only 24 Days

(made by me (Vilder50))





What is this map about:


This map is a minecraft advent calendar.

You will get a challenge everyday until the 24th december!

(So no there is not one for the 25th december...)

The challenges are puzzle, parkour or something random.

i think a challenge can take 2-10 minutes. (maybe more idk...)


When you complete a challenge will you get some new blocks.

You can use those blocks in the lobby to build whatever you want to =)













this map is made for the 1.9 snapshot 15w47c  (so play the map in that version! How to get the snapshot...)


You can play this map in multiplayer if you want to =)  (you can also play it in singelplayer...)


play time: 24 days? xD   (i think its around 2-4 hours in total but idk...)


if you find a bug then please tell me =)


i started on this map the 1st november, which means i only had ~30 days to make the 24 challenges... 



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