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đź“– About:

You may know MrCrayfish from his popular Minecraft mod like his furniture mod, gun mod, and vehicle mod. If you watch his videos, you would know that he plays on this town in Minecraft. This was a passion project which included tons of analyzing from multiple videos. Everything is as replicated as I can possibly can.


This is a purely vanilla version of the world, so none of the mods are included. This is meant for low-tier PC users who want to experience this world as well.  


âś… Features:

  • All buildings from the world are replicated to the best of my ability (roads, buildings; even small modifications)
  • Redstone and Command Block contraptions work (including the Blockifier)
  • All built on the exact seed.



đź“ş Watch:

If you want to see what this map features, watch MrCrayfish's video on it: