Me 20-17

102 Downloads Last Updated: May 3, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2


Me 20-17

(A map for me, made by me (Vilder50))


This is most likely the weirdest map I ever have made.

I have been working on this map every day for 2 months.

Every day I have added 10, 25 or 50 tellraws to the the map.

The map has 2000 tellraw commands talking about random stuff and things.

Each half second a new tellraw will be posted in the chat.

And it keeps on going like that for 16 minutes.

This map has 0 gameplay and is all about the tellraw commands.


I made this map for my birthday (2017).

I made this map because I thought it would be fun to try... I totally regret making it... xD


The map is made for 1.11.2

You can play the map with as many people you want to (although idk why you would do that)

Don't really suggest you play this map, but if you like the idea of a weird map with no goal, then go for it =b.



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