Mirage Tower Defense

✥ Map Features:


✧ Many Enemies

Defeat many different enemies, including but not limited to Zombies, Creepers, Skeletons, Beetles & Ghosts. This map uses both the usual Minecraft enemies, but also new ones! There are many different mobs with varying abilities. Place towers along their path of attack to stop them!




✧ Random Waves

This map uses somewhat randomly generated waves. Waves get harder over time, but the difficulty also changes according to your progress. The waves a created by combining a ton of different 'wave segments'. Later waves have more and harder segments while earlier waves only have very few and easy segments. That means waves will get both harder and longer over time.




✧ Towers

This map features a variety of different towers with lots of different attributes and special attacks. Not all towers are be available from the start, you need to unlock some by completing different levels.




✧ Upgrades

Most of the towers can also be upgraded using this maps Upgrade System. All upgradeable towers can be upgraded three times and all upgrades affect different stats.




✧ Shop

There is a shop for all the towers in each level. The shop works very fast and can update itself while you are using it. It is a GUI with multiple pages and can also inform you about various things.




✧ Traps

Towers are however not the only thing you can place. You can also use a couple of different traps to temporarily obstruct the enemies path




✧ Enemy Towers

Another type of tower are the Enemys towers. In some level there are be enemy towers that help the mobs instead of hurting them.




✧ Custom Textures & Models

This map also uses custom textures & models to create new towers, enemies and more.