Locate the Treasure Map 3

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The third of the Locate the Treasure Map series brought to you by Mickey722!
In this challenge map, you need to find different materials to craft 3 blocks.

Obtaining the blocks and placing it into certain places will grant you access to the end point!

Sounds easy right?


Knowledge You Need (read if necessary)



Usually it means items in the Materials tab.

In this map it means what it needs to craft an item/block.


You can craft using the inventory or the crafting table to turn some items into a new item.

Crafting recipes can be found in different websites.

Use (placing blocks or open chests)

Default to right click.

Rumors about being easy

You have been warned. This is definitely NOT EASY.

How to install the map

Extract the file and put he folder into the saves folder in the .minecraft folder.

The saves folder can be found in this directory (Windows 7):



 Map FAQ


Q: What map is this?

This is a challenge map where creators made these to let you do specific tasks and complete the map.

 Q: What is its functionality?

It is used to let people have more experience of Minecraft.

Q: How should it be used?

You should only use it as a world but not cloning it or using it as hacking.

Q: How does the map work?

The map rely on a special mechanic in Minecraft called command blocks.

Using command blocks, many different special effects can be made.

Still have questions? Ask in the comments.

Details found in Minecraft Forum.


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