Legend of Zelda: Dark Mirror

Who's ready for a Zelda Adventure? 


After releasing a demo prematurely, I have lashed back(at myself) and finished a fully working demo.

This map uses several mods, but also massive amounts of Command Blocks. Using these amazing machines, I have recreated several items and concepts from Zelda games! (Namely Ocarina of Time) These include(but are not limited to):

Bombchus ^ ^
Hero's Bow
Lens of Truth
Pushable Blocks
Functional OoT-style tunic system
Realistic Heart Piece system
Sand Rod


This map took me a long time to make, and I would really appreciate input as to whether, or not, I should complete it. Also, if you have suggestions, contributions, mods, skins and/or any other ideas in general, tell me. I have an open mind.



Finish Dungeon 2
Finish Dungeon 3


Once I am done with these things and have had the map tested, I will post a new demo.

I also need suggestions for a boss battle for the second dungeon. I want to do a structure boss, and I want to incorporate Elder Guardians somehow.

Also, if anyone has decent skinning talent, I would like some help.