Knockback Wars

5,560 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 17, 2019 Game Version: 1.12

The goal of the game is to stay in the middle rings for as long as possible. You can do so by knocking other players out of the ring using items provided to you by the game.

To play the minigame, two players must enter queue by clicking on the labeled sign. The map will automatically start the game after a 3-second delay.

The game offers five (plus one secret) kits, all with unique playstyles. You can select a kit before starting the game by clicking on the respective kit selection signs.

To play this world, download the .zip file and extract the contents into your saves folder. Works from Minecraft 1.8 to Minecraft 1.12. 1.13 changed crucial commands such as /scoreboard, so the game does not work in 1.13+.

Best played in Adventure Mode.




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