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Justin Schaaf's Wild West



This is the map my friends and I built for my video "Returning to the Wild West in Minecraft." It's nothing too fancy, just a fun little project built in around an hour and a half featuring:

  • A Saloon with rooms for rent upstairs
  • A Bank with extremely reasonable 89% interest rates
  • A Sheriff's Office with a jail
  • A Snake Oil Salesman with excellent deals
  • A Mine definitely not rigged to blow everything up
  • A Train Station with a trapped ticket teller
  • An Oil Rig for making the bank richer
  • Enchanted Crossbows stashed in various buildings for duels
  • The trusty steed Cow


Can I use this for ...?

I don't see why not, as long as you provide proper attribution in the form of at least my name and a link to my website ( or this page. This project is technically licensed under the Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 International license, but I'm not going to make you restate the license when providing credit. e.g., the following would be fine by me:

Map used: "Justin Schaaf's Wild West" by Justin H. Schaaf (