Jump. Glide. Fly

15,390 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 21, 2015 Game Version: 1.9-Snapshot

Version 1.2 Update (21/11/15)

Version 1.2 has improvements from 1.0. Notable ones include:

  • Made directions more clear
  • Visible command blocks replaced by sign commands
  • Updated information
  • Hopefully fixed level 6


Jump. Glide. Fly is a Minecraft map that involves using the new Elytra wings introduced in 15w41a. In each level, there are platforms scattered around that you’ll have to fly to which will get you closer to finishing the level. There are some blocks that will give you special effects like speed, jump boost, etc that will try to help you or kill you. At the end of the map, the time taken to complete the map will be displayed. You may choose to enter the leaderboards if you wish. Deaths are also counted in the TAB list and it will reset every time you start the game.


Beat all 6 levels in the shortest time possible with the least deaths.

Map Rules

  1. Please stay in adventure mode where possible. Survival and Creative is not recommended.
  2. Don't modify scoreboard objectives. It is cheaty and it may break the map.
  3. Follow instructions on the signs. They can help a lot.
  4. Don't place/break blocks.
  5. Don't skip levels unless they seem impossible.
  6. Don't exploit bugs/glitches.

Minecraft Version

This map is tested with 15w47a/b. Any version above 15w41b will work too.


Please report bugs and/or give feedback here.

Known Issues

  • If the elytra seem to not work, close and open the map again. It should fix it.
  • If for some reason the player is "lying down" on ground, close and open the map again.


If you would want to submit your score to the leaderboard, click here.


 Official "Advertisement" video


Logdotzip playthrough:


James26 playthrough


If you have uploaded any videos about this map, feel free to link it to me in the comments!



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