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Imperium name

By Pollieboy and Vilder50


Some people say that this minigame is like chess... so let's just call this for 2-4 players chess!

..no wait that would be wrong because this isn't chess, this is Imperium!


How to play:


Play board...


this game is a turn based game.

when it's your turn, you can move or attack with one of your units


there are 3 different units:


how they move (you can also see this ingame)


 the objective in this minigame is to:


1. by getting your king into the middle.


2. have the last king standing


Sounds easy right? it isn't:a Guard in a tree


 a unit dies if someone moves to its tile.

and if your king dies you will be out of the game!


your units can't get past trees.  


and  if you get a knight into the middle for the first time, you can move a tree to under one of your units and kill an enemy unit!

a unit in a tree can't die! but if a unit comes down from a tree it will be able to die again.


It still sounds easy?

 hmm... yes it may still sound easy, but I can tell you: it's really hard!


 now there is one last thing to say:




a game!



(you need a resource pack to be able to play this map.)

Download the resource pack here - mediafire