Illemana Defense

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A Prologue


A long time ago, the world was in a state of rapid development. Man’s invention of metal refinery brought about physical weapons with strength never seen before. Soon followed the harnessing of Magic present in the environment, known as Mana, by Man. During an expedition in Oakenstone Valley, a strange portal was uncovered, which spewed otherworldly creatures. They were referred to as the Eldritch - beings of the Otherworld. These beings were fast and mighty, and they quickly overpowered Man, despite their strong weaponry and advanced Magic. The millions upon millions of Eldritch quickly flooded the world, driving Man to the final standing fortress - Illemana, the House of Sages.


The Eldritch Corruption spreads everywhere!


The Last Stand


Hundreds of years passed whilst Man was kept safe in Illemana, guarded by the Seven Sages - divine beings corporeal in the world in the form of a sort of body vessel. The resistance was unfortunately eventually futile, when it was discovered that Eldritch were beginning to infiltrate the fortress once thought infallible. Forced into a corner, the Seven Sages who once gave up hope became again determined to reclaim the land that was once theirs. In their first mission, they were to investigate the source of the Eldritch Corruption - Oakenstone Valley.


Oakenstone Valley


The Mission


Transporting themselves to a safe Clearing amongst the mountains, they were ready to lash out at the waves upon waves of Eldritch. Theoretically, the Seven Sages can defeat Eldritch and harness the Essence and Lux from the fallen creatures. With that, they would be able to break into more and more areas and recover lost pieces of Magic left behind in the abandoned civilization there.




The Game


You, the player, will be put in the shoes of one of the Sages to experience their struggle vanquishing the overflowing Eldritch. Can you brave the endless onslaught?


Can you brave the endless onslaught?


Note: Resource Pack is required! It is attached in the download.

Also available on Minecraft Java Realms!


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