Ice Manor Survival - Patisek

241 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 7, 2014 Game Version: 1.7.4

Looking for an interesting way to start your world?
Not bothered to go through the "stone age"?
Allways wanted to play in the snowlands but worried about food and animals?

This is a map for YOU!

Centered in a gigantic Snow Biome, with interesting large Ice Spikes areas around and some custom features listed below, it's a magnificent way to start a new survival world or a server with friends!


You are a cartographer travelling south from a long journey across the northern wastelands. You are rushing towards the Ice Manor of Lord Bolton. There you hope to seek shelter. You have been attacked and are left without much food, and without your maps.

Unfortunately, the pleasant warmth of the Ice Manor has been taken from you. The building in the distance seems abandoned, half destroyed and swarming with monsters. Although desperate means of defence have been implemented (iron bars, doors) the defence failed and nobody is to be seen...

You remember that one place within the Manor was safe and hope to find it. The bunker! You also hope for a good sword, armour, food... Maybe you'll stay here for longer if things work out. But first, some exploration to do...

Map Features:

A partly destroyed but well equipped house with all necessary things for a start. Some food, armour, tools, wood. Birch trees to renew the house, animals and seeds to start a larger farm. All you need to restore the house to it's glory and have fun although playing in the Snow Biomes.

A hidden railway can take you to an amazing Ice Spikes biome, though the railway is a little damaged.

Beat the monsters, reclaim the manor and have fun!

Another "Custom Headstart" map by Patisek.

Please download, play, comment, record but remember to link to the official Curse page so it can reach many people!

Have fun, download NOW!

World generated from seed : -1636191483.


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