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Filename HoneyJump - v1.4.zip
Uploaded by ELucSar
Uploaded Aug 27, 2020
Game Version 1.16.2
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MD5 089b173e8d92ed2d46f648776de0b76b


General changes:

- Changed a few signs, using new materials and colors thanks to the Nether Update;

- Added the rotation value to all command blocks used for checkpoints;

- Added a few concrete powder blocks to the rainbow wall in the Start Lobby;

- Replaced all the old buttons with warped buttons, except for the “Timer Reset” ones that have been replaced with crimson buttons;

- Changed a bit the “portals” to go to HoneyJump and HalloweenJump courses;

- Added redstone lamps near buttons so it’s more obvious for players when an arrow hits the target;

- Replaced the shulker box above each cake with a redstone block as cherry;

- Added an automatic reset system for Oops counter when players die before reaching the first checkpoint;

- Fixed a bug related to the carrot with a stick being placed in the wrong spot in the player’s inventory;

- Removed all the command blocks which aren’t necessary anymore;

- Updated to Minecraft 1.16.2!

HoneyJump only:
  • - Added a row of honey blocks to make the first jump a bit easier;
  • - Moved the sign and added another one to help make clearer where to stand while shooting arrows in the Green Stage;
  • - Removed the trident section in the Final Stage after the dropper;
  • - Replaced the bow with a trident in the Blue Stage;
  • - Changed the button location to enter in the Blue Stage;
  • - Added a clock to make that the opening of the iron door lasts only few seconds in the Blue Stage;
  • - Added sea lanterns and made a few adjustments in the beginning of the Blue Stage;
  • - Arrows, bows and tridents are now removed right after being useful, so players can’t use them in sections where they should not be used. When they are removed, (hopefully) funny messages will appear in chat;
  • - Added two “street lamps” to the platform above the Dropper Stage, so players can now easily understand where the course continues.

HalloweenJump only:
  • - Modified a bit the giant skull at the beginning of the course;
  • - Changed the easter egg hidden in the bow and arrows, so now it’s different from the one in HoneyJump;
  • - Changed a little the First Stage;
  • - Added two missing lily pads above a water elevator;
  • - Added a row of blocks in the Purpur Stage, to fix a potential glitch;
  • - Increased the radius of the automatic arrows removal system.



I hope you'll like the update! Have fun and share your score!

And you can also play it on our server: you can find the IP in the download folder!

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