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Honey Jump Parkour Map Minecraft - Logo


Hi everyone! We are Luca and Sara, also known as HEXEVIL and ElbyQuimelle on the web. Nice to meet you! 

When honey blocks were released within Snapshot 19w41a, we almost immediately started to make a parkour map showing the new features of Minecraft 1.15 as a special event for HEXEVIL's birthday, and after hundreds of players enjoyed it we decided to keep working on it and here we are!




 (It shows only the first original course. There's also another one playable now, called "HalloweenJump")



- 2 main courses:

- 4 lobbies;

- 15 stages;

- Puzzle and dropper levels;

- Working timer;

- Checkpoint system;

- Colored signs to display all the information you need to know directly in-game;

- Multiplayer friendly;

- ... and more!


HoneyJump Raibow Race Parkour Map

HoneyJump Magma Honey Maze Parkour

HoneyJump Secret Puzzle Parkour

HoneyJump End Lobby Bees Playground


This is our first Custom Map, so we're eager to know your feedback on how to improve this and our future maps!

Share your time on our website: https://www.elucsar.com and become #1!




- Everyone that played the map with us on October 15th and on October 29th;

- All the awesome redditors that inspired us: u/PrintGamez, u/targetedfox, u/redstonepixels, u/MerlinGrandCaster, u/S5Z7, u/findidledee2 and u/ub3rl337z4ur;

- All the kind testers that helped us: AJ, Epic, Fabi, Hexa, Xama, Stick, AssassinKill;

- Mojang for all the work done in these last 10+ years on Minecraft.



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