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Welcome to the village of Highcliffe where you will find amazing things about this destination. (I'm surprised you found this place) This village has all things that a village needs. The Highcliffe Village includes:


-The Highcliffe Church

-The Juckerton Blacksmith

-The Trident Porthouse

-The Library/Guild Hall

-The Mills Farm 

-The Lumini Lighthouse

-The Wilde Greenhouse

-The Venture Tavern and Inn [Only from version 1.1]

-The Ruined Stone Tower

-Airship The Soaring Ace

-6 Small Houses

-2 Large Houses


Enjoys your stay and Have fun. 



*** Thank you ***

Thank you for the adventurer from Minecraft-Village for making the video review of this map, and they have made a download page for this map too so you can check the video out.

Link: https://minecraft-village.com/download/maps/262-highcliffe-village/