Hard Parkour

796 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 29, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

Are You Looking For A Hard Parkour Map? Nothing To Worry About, Download This One! It's Free! There're 9 
Levels You Have To Beat, It Will Truly Test Your Parkour Skills!


The Rules Are:

Stay In Adventure Mode
Don't Use Commands
If You're Uploading This Map To YouTube, Please Credit Me
Set Render Distance To 5
This Map Can Be Played From 1 To Infinite Players


How To Play:

Red Wool Will Kill You
Stone Is The Starting Block
Hit The Gold Pressure Plate To Win


Here's The How To Play While In Levels:

Level 6: Iron Pressure Plate Will Teleport You To A Wooden Pressure Plate, You Cannot Teleport From A Wooden Pressure Plate To A Iron Pressure Plate.
Level 7: Hit The Stone Button To Boost Up If You're Standing On A Slime Block.
Level 9: Stone Pressure Plate Will Teleport You To The Nearest Block.


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