Hard Lucky Block Race

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This is a lucky block race map I made. Currently there are 3 races, with 11 kits and Tinkers Construct Tools.



  • 11 different kits
  • 3 map and counting
  • Side quest on every map
  • Got extra tools from the blocks? Melt them in the smeltery. (May not work on some modded tools.)
  • 4 different lucky blocks and 1 chance cubes.




Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Setting up:

Mod List:

Tinkers Construct 2.2.1

Mantle 0.9.2

Chances Cubes

CustomNpcs 1.8.9_beta(21feb16)

Emerald and Obsidian Mod 1.5

Extrautils 2 0.0.2 alpha

Loot++ 1.7.1

PotionCore 1.2

Lucky Block 7.0.2

Damage Indicators Mod 3.3.3 (optional)

Your favorite items recipe tools (NEI, JEI, etc.) (optional)


Add on:

Emerald Lucky Blocks 1.9

Spiral Lucky Blocks 1.10

Astral Lucky Blocks 1.2


Despite the huge amount of lava, game should run pretty well.

You could try installing Optifine and/or Betterfps, but they are not supported.

Personally, I got around 50fps with Intel drivers and GPU.


Enjoy the Map

Please leave your opinion on the comment section.










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