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"Halloween Candy" Function Map

I've made a Halloween Candy function that adds candy (which gives you different effects) as well as trick-or-treating with villagers and a few scary/silly mobs.


This map is meant as a demo, as well as a way to download the function.



1. Download the map

2. Open Minecraft.

3. Click on the world you want to add the function to but DON'T PLAY IT YET. Instead, click "edit"

4. Click "Open folder"

5. Click data

6. Click functions

7. Go back to Minecraft and click on the world labeled "YeshuabroHalloweenFunction". Again, DON'T play it yet.

8. Click "Open folder"

9. Click data

10. Click functions

11. Drag the folder "YeshuabroHalloweenFunction" from the YeshuabroHalloweenFunction world into the function folder of whatever world you want the function on.

12. Play the world

13. Place down a repeating command block

14. enter "function [tab]" then click "Always Active" and "Repeat", then "Done".


That's it :P Hope you enjoy.


If you have any trouble moving the function to the right folder, feel free to ask. (I usually check the YouTube video more often than the CurseForge post, so if you want questions answered super quickly you should probably try asking them there. If you ask it here don't worry though, I check here often enough. :P)