Gielinor, the Fourth Age

44,133 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 6, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

Note: To those that have downloaded versions 1.0.2pre or earlier, please do not complete the quests Ghost Town, Tax, Museum, Mithril Sword, Remnants, Tendrils, Paragons, and Dominion Tower; instead, download the abridged version below.


The map is to be played on 16w03a or higher (1.9).

If playing in multiplayer, please try to stay together at all times. Some features may work incorrectly in MP.

Map will be updated constantly; check thread for updates





World Map - Kingdom of Misthalin

World Map - Kharidian Desert

World Map - Kingdom of Asgarnia


World Map - Wilderness



The Fourth Age is an open world RPG adventure map set in the vast world of Gielinor. The map explores the aftermath of the devastating God Wars as the surviving species compete for dominance over the ruined lands.


Features of the map include:


    • Extensive lore and history
    • A massive map of multiple environments
    • Multiple custom built cities and monuments
      • Lum (Lumbridge)
      • Al Kharid
      • Draynor Villager, Draynor Manor
      • Avarrocka (Varrock)
      • Ruins of Paddewwa (Edgeville)
      • Temple of Paterdomus
      • Mage Training Arena
      • Bandit Camp, Bedabin Camp
      • Pollnivneach
      • Nardah
      • Ruins of Uzer
    • Several NPCs with interactive dialogue
    • Hundreds of unique bosses and monsters to combat
    • Customized unique and varied equipment (weapons, armor, potions)
    • 35+ quests, from beginner, basic quests to long, master level
    • Custom music and sound adding to atmosphere
    • Incorporates several different skills in gameplay, includes vanilla skills of:
      • Fishing
      • Cooking
      • Smelting
      • Crafting
    • As well as custom skills of:
      • Farming
      • Mining
      • Prayer
      • Summoning
      • Thieving
      • Magic
      • Agility
      • Runecrafting
      • Construction (Upcoming)
      • Dungeoneering (Upcoming)



  • Download Link (Full version, use this if you have not played the map before):


Current Map Version: 1.1.2

Minecraft Version: 1.9


  • Abridged Download Link:


This map is intended for all those who have played on versions prior to 1.1. It contains the final 9 quests only, with all previous quests completed.


Current Map Version: 1.1 AV

Minecraft Version: 1.9


Includes a custom resource pack within, no manual installation required.


Please credit the creators and post a link to this thread if sharing the map on another place.


Update Log:


  • Beta 0.3
  • Beta 0.6 - bugs, quest changes, addition of Avarrocka, Ruins of Paddewwa, Paterdomus
  • Beta 0.8 - quest changes, bug fixes, addition of Kharidian Desert
  • Beta 0.8.1 - hotfix
  • 1.0pre - additions to Avarrocka and surroundings
  • 1.0.1pre - adjustments to tutorial quest, added ambient mobs
  • 1.0.2pre - adjustments to novice quests
  • 1.1 - Full Misthalin completed (Quests: Ghost, Tax, Museum, Mithril Sword, Remnants, Tendrils, Paragons, Dominion Tower)
  • 1.1.1 - Tree update
  • 1.1.2 - Bugfix/adjustments to Kebbit Hunter, The Beetroot Wine, Tax Collector


Important Information:


  • Read all the signs at the beginning of the map.
  • Make sure to be playing this map on 1.9 version, recommended 15w47c or higher.
  • Turn on music and sound for full experience.
  • Make sure the custom resource pack is loaded.
  • If playing with 2+ players, please try to stay together, don't separate and do multiple quests at the same time.



  • Make sure to use your skills (Farming, cooking, etc to gather supplies.)
  • At night, there will be ambient enemies that spawn in the forests.
  • If you're lost, check the world map above.
  • In MC 1.9, you can no longer spam-click melee attacks.
  • Try backing away from monsters during fights instead of standing still.
  • Potions can be very useful during combat.
  • Try not to finish experienced or master level quests until you are ready (iron equipment or better recommended)

Texture Pack credit: John Smith Legacy (slightly modified)


More Screenshots:







For a complete guide to the quests, click here.


  • I cannot obtain bone/rottenflesh/slimeball?
    • Throughout the map are ambient enemies that spawn during the night. Many quests also involve several mobs that can drop such items.
  • How do I earn gold?
    • In the major cities are Merchants, which will trade mob drops for gold.
  • An NPC doesn't seem to be speaking?
    • The prerequisites for the NPC's quest may not have been reached yet. Make sure to check the quest log for information on a quest.
  • How do I update the map without losing progress?
    • Most updates are minor bugfixes and adjustments; major content additions will include an alternative download with all previous quests and content completed. Used the abridged version in the download section.
  • I am stuck in a hole/pit/windmill hopper?
    • Just use the command /tp @a ~ ~15 ~ to get yourself a few blocks into the air.
  • Please post any questions or odd details on the forums; they may be bugs for us to look into.


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