FNAF 3 map

7,608 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 21, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.3

This map version of the FNAF 3 map it will take 2 or 7 more players and it is a minigame it has spring trap bb freddy foxy and the other ones so i hope you have fun on this map it has lot of cams on it vent cams all of the suits the  tablet  and you can seal the vents off so the player playing spring trap can not get in to you office faster to make the other player to go back to the other room you must go in the cams and use the red stone lamp and note blocks in the cams spring trap must remain in each room for 1 min if he moves find where he is play the note block in the other room he is near and then the other play will have to go to that room but if spring trap is not near that room he will not go in that room and will keep going for your office the other 6 player must also use the phantom suits but they can not do anything but stop the other play from going in to the cams for 5 sec also the spring trap suit will also be givin a diamond sword to kill the  other player with make sure to set your respawn point with the beds i have put in the office i hope you have fun:)


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