Floating Island Server Spawn

4,833 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 20, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

Floating Island Spawn with Normal World Terrain

This project is of a semi-fantasy/medieval themed floating island village and took three days to build. It is designed with server function in mind and Includes areas for loot crates, holos, a server shop, arena portal hub, special event area, player plugin help, a drop party platform, and more. This also has three drop points where players can drop into the survival world and begin their adventure. There is also a great small village area for an RPG along with a few "Easter Egg" areas built in that can include prizes if players find those secret areas. lastly, a very small deserted island can be found just below spawn with a dingy ship and a pirate burying his treasure!

The download is a full normal world file with the spawn in it. You can put the file right on your server and start playing on your server or singleplayer!


You are welcome to use this project however you would like.


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