Elytra Fall is a map that will challenge all your flying skills. It is a combination of a CTM and elytra flying map. It is suited for both single player and multiplayer. The map consists of a central hub area and 16 tunnels. Each tunnel takes approximately 1.7 minutes to complete and has a wool room at the end. You can collect the wool and complete the monument. The wool is in a chest hanging from the ceiling, so you have to grab it mid-flight. Your attempts are also timed so you know how much you have improved. Challenge your friends and beat their time.

    There are three levels of difficulty that can be set by the game difficulty in the Options menu. The default and recommended difficulty is Hard, but if you are a beginner you should probably start on Easy. For more information about the map and tips regarding flying with elytra, watch this video:



Orange Tunnel

Light Blue Wool Room

Blue Tunnel