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What is Dynamo?

Dynamo features 15 new structures that spawn naturally in the world based on the seed of the world. This means that worlds with the same seeds would get the same structures in the same places. Dynamo also does not in any way interfere with player made structures.


Wait, how do I get this to work?

You can download the schematic and import it using MC-Edit into the world that you like into a 1.9 and above version (Or snapshot for 1.9, currently). Make sure that you are using MC-Edit Unified version 1.5 and above, versions below this do not work. You can get MC-Edit here: https://khroki.github.io/MCEdit-Unified/


Once you've placed the schematic in the world you have to manually press a wooden button found on the machine to kickstart it. Once you see the words "Dynamo by ChocoParrot" appear on your Minecraft screen you're pretty much good to go.


Bug reporting

I've made a Google form for bug reporting for Dynamo. You can report all bugs related to Dynamo here: https://goo.gl/61qsGp


Is there anything else that I should know?

Yes. Dynamo is a completely vanilla command block creation. As such, please do not expect it to be as good as client mods which edit the programming of the game. You may as such experience lag or a bit of wonky Dynamo structure generation. If things get a bit too overboard (i.e. extreme lag or really wonky generation) you can always report them as a bug to me.


Another thing to note is that Dynamo-Cord, Dynamo's base engine is based of Spark's original engine for Orbis; I have re-coded basically everything from scratch, however. I have also gotten the permission from Sparks to release this. All the structures found in Dynamo is the product of a lot of builders who worked hard on this project.


We've come to the end of this thread. Whew, that was long - hopefully you didn't fall asleep!


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