Due To The Snowball

136 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 18, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.7

map info: took over 30 hours to build:

story line: you are a young boy who is really bored. the boy then decides to have a snowball fight but decides to have a snowball fight with the wrong person.

Challenges you face during the map: Ecaping Police, Parkour, Prison Escape, Quick Thinking. Sacrifices, boss fight, and puzzle dungeon

Youtube Purposes: If You Are Recording This Adventure Map On Youtube, You Must Leave A Link To My Youtube Channel: B.M.L Creations


1. Listen To The ''Mind''. It Acts Like A guide To. Warning: If You do not listen to the ''mind'' you my break the map

2. difficulty normal

3.play in adventure mode

4. Have FUN!!!


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