Diversity 3

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Filename DIVERSITY 3 v1.4.1 PACKAGE.zip
Uploaded by qmagnet
Uploaded May 5, 2019
Game Version 1.13.2  
Size 117.15 MB
Downloads 9,777
MD5 6f6ce5799b85c17a12c3c64187b70194
Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions


May 5, 2019 - v1.4.1
- Added information to error book for starting map without commands
- Recoloured false banners in Lime Room for Red Branch


May 4, 2019 - v1.4.0 - "The Better Ring Update"
- Rehinted the Phantom Gondola requirement
- Fixed the Skragoning after Passivier time runs out
- Increased Dracula Blade healing
- Nerfed Reeds of Greed
- Nerfed health system against Arena bosses
- Passivied Vexes now auto-killed after Evokers destroyed
- Aggravated IllusioNeige
- Added hand-holding for Light Blue Course in Pink Branch
- Closed off indoor access for Light Blue Course in Pink Branch
- Found missing celebration tune for I.M.C.
- Fixed occasional ring failure in Purple Branch
- Fixed soft-lock in popcorn spill
- Fixed NPC duplication in Brown Branch
- Added sky hint to round 4 of Light Blue Room in Red Branch
- Fixed borked levitation pole for Blue island after all Wool collected
- Fixed borked elytra deletion after all Wool collected
- Removed Cyan Zombie from the final equation
- Added Uber April_SR prevention


April 27, 2019 - v1.3.0 - "The Skragoning Update"
- Added experimental fix for straggling scoreboard displays
- Added auto-generation of mechanic to remove straggling scoreboard displays
- Added straggler inventory clear when relogging into unplayed Branches
- Plugged various holes
- Fixed quicksand possibility in from Q-Lab to cave
- Fixed falling through floor after riding monument block
- Tweaked Dig Site Lifts from possible death?
- Fixed The Object duplication glitch
- Added KillCa$h display reapplication in additional location
- Repaired Butcher credentials
- Kieren Boalized the io.netty.handler.codec bug
- Fixed alcove mobs from escaping under Yellow Branch
- Beefed up Companion in Yellow Branch
- Skragonized the wither skeletons
- Decarved Domohead's pumpkin
- Aggravated Mr. Fluffy
- Fixed soft-lock when shaving ninja beards in Lime Branch
- Stopped naor from repeating himself in Pink Branch
- Fixed inconsistent buckets in Trial #4 in Cyan Branch
- Increase entrance range night vision in Purple Branch courses
- Fixed non-closing purple glass after completion of Purple Course in Purple Branch. Purple.
- Fixed broken reset for Purple Course / Purple Branch
- Altered pearl dropping to prevent score-reset abuse
- Parrots can be resaved and Ears can be regooded on Red Branch restart
- Fixed coal and stone lockup in Black Branch
- Fixed hostile half of Cayleigh disappearing
- Added Ultra Vilder50 Prevention
- Fixed game-breaking typos
- Added Speedrunner's Handbook


April 22, 2019 - v1.2.1
- Fixed sleeping bug in Orange Branch


April 21, 2019 - v1.2.0
- Fixed jumping into elevator bug in Orange Branch
- Fixed missing lift platform bug in Orange Branch
- Fixed standing in glass elevator door in Orange Branch
- Fixed possible sleeping bug in Orange Branch
- Fixed disappearing object at end of Orange Branch
- Fixed mob boss 3 from locking up
- Fixed Fake-Out consequence not spawning back hallway icons
- Fixed possible teleport glitch from Blue Branch
- Corrected Lime question for Rails
- Fixed Lime consequence for diamond mining
- Force summon Lime words that went missing
- Added middle caps to Batmobile
- Fixed Black Branch pushable mob
- Added Vilder50 prevention
- Filled various gaps that were unexitable


April 20, 2019 - v1.1.1
- Fixed white banners in Lime Room for Red Branch


April 20, 2019 - v1.1.0
- Fixed Trident lock in Kwa Islands
- Fixed backwards trapdoor in Cyan Branch
- Fixed button spam in Cyan Branch
- Fixed false word in Lime Room for Red Branch
- Fixed a game-breaking bug in the Red Branch
- Other minor fixes