Diversity 2

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Game Version 1.8.3
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Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions


Changes for v.0.2.9 (3/27/15)
- Fixed bug in Survival where Squid do not spawn

Changes for v.0.2.8 (2/20/15)
- Updated for 1.8.3

Changes for v.0.2.7 (2/20/15)
- Updated for 1.8.2
- Fixed "AwesomeCuber glitch" for speedrunners
- Replaced quartz blocks with glowstone in Parkour platforms
- Fixed missing block in Escape end
- Minor fixes throughout the map

Changes for v.0.2.6 (12/9/14)
- Removed generic torches from Adventure Branch
- Reset question #14 room
- Fixed missing block in Labyrinth

Changes for v.0.2.5 (11/28/14)

- Fixed excessive Zombie spawning in Arena

Changes for v.0.2.4 (11/24/14)
- 1.8.1 compatible
- Fixed broken Zombie spawning in Arena
- Increased levels given by killing Ghast in Area
- Clarified disc maze in Puzzle Branch
- Minor tweaks to various mechanics

Changes for v.0.2.3 (10/29/14)
- Fixed grammatical issue in Trivia
- Made some Trivia more current
- Added hint to speedrun for Trivia
- Minor tweaks to various mechanics
- Retitled Dropper Tips book

Changes for v.0.2.2 (10/16/14)

- Fixed small corner in CFG end house where players could get stuck

Changes for v.0.2.1 (10/13/14)
- Adventure Branch slime puzzle altered to not give blocks
- Minor tweaks

Changes for v.0.2.0 (10/8/14)

- Arena Trader is now replaced instead of killed
- Arena Anvil more obvious on obtaining
- Arena no longer give XP on trading
- Small area in Finale fixed so player cannot get stuck
- Escape Wool more obvious to avoid backtracking
- Minor MS bias removed from Trivia
- Late joiners to map enter with proper gamemode now

Changes for v.0.1.9 (10/5/14)

- Rearranged some Arena heads

Changes for v.0.1.8 (10/5/14)
- Map seems to work with 9 chunks
- Boss Lockout when leaving Branch adjusted
- Peaceful re-forced on Droppers to fix hunger issues
- Surviving Adventure Drop fixed

Changes for v.0.1.7 (10/3/14)

- Biases removed from Trivia Branch

Changes for v.0.1.6 (10/3/14)

- Professor Orange dialogue fixed
- Professor Orange item frames made invulnerable

Changes for v.0.1.5 (10/3/14)
- Boss Battle lockout fixed with new button placement
- Some Arena Audience members replaced due to conflicts with build team
- Placing freebie wool in chest closes Branch
- Spelling mistakes fixed in Trivia
- Some Trivia questions altered

- Some Trivia answers adjusted to fit modern changes
- Trivia Charged Creeper replaced with *spoiler*...

Changes for v.0.1.4 (9/29/14)

- Trivia "Do NOT Touch" consequence fixed
- Some Trivia questions/answers clarified

Changes for v.0.1.3 (9/29/14)
- Ghast in Arena will now give 3 levels instead of 5
- Arena Book sightly altered
- Adventure Slime Block Puzzle clock reworked
- Missing block in Labyrinth replaced

Changes for v.0.1.2 (9/26/14)

- No activation of pressure plates in some Droppers after returning from a drop

Changes for v.0.1.1 (9/25/14)

- GT's castle MS fancyfied!
- Lever consequence fixed in Trivia

Changes for v.0.1.0 (9/25/14)

- Added failsafe if getting stuck with Ender Dragon no-show
- Removed Iron Blocks from below chest in Adventure
- Fixed a small area missing ice in b:140 Dropper
- Tweaked Jump Boost Parkour
- Added force peaceful difficulty in speedrun for Trivia

Changes for v.0.0.9 (9/21/14)

- Timed Parkour possible missing platform bug has workaround
- Escaping the Adventure Branch to find command blocks fixed
- Ender Dragon possible map destruction fixed
- Pharoah's head fixed
- Intro book forced to change

Changes for v.0.0.8 (9/15/14)

- Particles added to Boss Battle for clarification
- Puzzle Hint corrected
- Trivia answer corrected

Changes for v.0.0.7 (9/14/14)
- Nether Star fixed for Trivia
- Puzzle Hints made clearer

Changes for v.0.0.6 (9/14/14)
- "Blaze Spider Cage" replaced with "Blaze Cage" in Arena

Changes for v.0.0.5 (9/14/14)
- Boss hunger removed
- Added health potions to Boss Battle
- missing playsound to Boss Head shot
- Spelling mistakes in Trivia
- Torches replaced in Adventure
- spawnpoint adjusted for Escape
- minor tweaks

Changes for v.0.0.4 (9/12/14)
- Bypass added added if stuck in Boss Branch leaving
- Missing Portal Puzzle wall
- Ability to place keys on "wrong" gold blocks in Adventure
- Useless torches in Adventure
- No spawnpoint near end of Escape
- Natural Regen glitches

Changes for v.0.0.3 (9/11/14)
- Glitching through Portal Puzzle
- Villager/Zombie Puzzle
- Hints made slightly clearer in some Puzzles
- Various area where the player can get stuck (3x1 hole)
- Spelling mistakes
- Until portal in Trivia consequence
- Reverted back to string in Mirror Puzzle in Adventure (ArmorStand option was not correct)

Changes for v.0.0.2 (9/10/14)
- Slime Block puzzle not activating in the Adventure Branch
- getting locked in the Gold Ankh room in the Escape Branch
- getting stuck in the picnic table at the Trivia Branch
- not getting bows or arrows on the Portal Puzzle
- not being able to visit the Arena again from the Testers Room
- getting stuck in a 3x1 hole in b:140 Dropper
- missing blocks in the Labyrinth (causing light to leak through)
- not having permission to exit the map area in the Adventure Branch
- ability to place key on unimportant gold block in the Orange Dimension, preventing players to move forward.
- removed string from floor of Mirror Switch puzzle
- made the Dropper Wool clearer to achieve
- added Blazes in the Nether for Survival Branch