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Help me celebrate my 100th subscriber by downloading my minigame map :D My map feature two of my own creations Minecart Mayhem and Diamond Rush. Check below for more information on both!

Diamond Rush (1 Player)

Hey guys its CraftingCaseXD here with my first custom map Diamond Rush! This has been a fun little project I have been working on for awhile now and I think its finally ready to be uploaded! If there are any bugs let me know and ill fix them right away! I can tell the anticipation is building up so ill just get to it!

Diamond rush is a fast pace single player mini game that can be used in servers and can be used in minecraft 1.1 and up!

How to Play:

When a Diamond Block pops up, push the button and down a diamond falls! Its that simple!

Get as many Diamonds (points) as possible!

After the main game ends, you will have 5 seconds to RUSH to the middle to pick up any left over diamonds for your score!


If you want a chance to be on the leaderboard dont cheat, if not go crazy!

Play on peaceful, unless you want to be exploded by creepers! Then go right ahead mobgreifing is off anyways!!!

Play on adventure mode for best results!

Only change to creative if you get stuck or need to reload the diamond dispenser. Ill make it auto load later when the hopper is installed! Unless you guys can think of a way of doing it now! Then ill do it that way!

I hope you enjoy my map and remember to subscribe to my channel for future projects!

Report any bugs or problems on here! I promise ill fix them right away! Im new to this so there is bound to be a few problems!

Minecart Mayhem (Players 2)

Welcome to my second completely original minigame Minecart Mayhem! Minecart Mayhem is a fast paced rail shooting racing game built for Minecraft. It uses very little redstone for maximum playability. Who can get to, and destroy, the EnderDragon first? Race against your friends to find out exactly that! This game is replay able for maximum enjoyment, so you won’t have to reload the map to play again! SO, can you win to become the Minecraft minecart racing king?
I’d like to thank DiscoFV and SethBling for inspiring me to make these minigames and I hope you enjoy!
I’d also like to say thank you to my Subscribers. We hit 100 you guys :D Here’s to another 100 more!
Don’t take things out of the dispensers/droppers. It will screw up the infinite amount of items they will give you!

Dont get off your minecart.

Don’t Shoot each other’s minecarts to gain an advantage, however, that would be pretty pro and I would give you quite the applause for it.. Though it might screw up the game and you would have to restart.

Don’t break blocks; I don’t see why you would anyways.

Check out my channel CraftingCaseXD for Future Mini-games and also lets plays! :D    


How to Play:

Start by picking out what color you want to be by walking into an auto dressing room. (make sure to hug the wall to get auto equipped!)

Next follow the corresponding colored line and place your mine cart down.

Press the button to ready up, once both players are ready the game will start.

Shoot the wooden buttons to go straight, if you miss you will take damage and also get slightly behind.

You will always know where the other player is at based on the messages in the bottom left corner. (To turn these messages off go into multiplayer settings and turn the chat to HIDDEN)

If you make it to the end safe and sound, you will encounter the EnderDragon (jump out of your minecart and swim up to not die!).
Don’t worry it is a derpy EnderDragon and all you have to do is shoot both of his eyes to win!

First person to do all of the above wins the race, and can claim the title, Minecraft Minecart Racing King!

I hope you enjoy


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