Craftia - Modded Adventure


As an average person who grew up in the isolated Lavender Valley, you have decided to go explore around outside of the valley. However, the town's guard Nilo has rejected your request as the pass to the next town is too dangerous. What could lie ahead? What is preventing you from leaving your home town in peace?

This project and other forms of it have been in the works for roughly 5 months now, on and off. I may not finish this project, and if anyone else would like to help please DM me @NovaNeon4#5441 on discord. The current version has only been worked on for roughly 2 months now, but other forms were in the works as well. Verria, version 2, was worked on for about a month before being scrapped. Craftia, the original version of Craftia (Yeah I just used the same name) was in the works for about 3 months, but I scrapped it when I realized the economy, NPC dialogue, and map were all impossible to work with.

Currently, there are two towns, 2 sub-areas, 1 mini-dungeon, and 1 boss. Leifan Woods, the first major wide-open expansive free roam area, is being worked on next. I uploaded this version before finishing Leifan because I want to take a break for a while and play other games, but I don't want the project to get scrapped/forgotten about. I also want other people to see and criticize (constructively I can only hope for) my work.

Thanks for checking out this page! I really hope you take the time to download Craftia! It's fun, trust me.

All music credit goes to Nintendo.
     -Leifan Woods: Knight Academy Skyward Sword at 0.80 pitch, night time = 0.70 pitch
     -Verdina: Iki town Day theme Pokemon Sun and Moon, night time = 0.80 pitch
     -Lavender pass: Faron Woods Skyward Sword at 0.90 pitch, night time = 0.70 or 0.80 pitch
     -Lavender Valley: Island in the Sky Skyward Sword, night time = 0.90 or 0.80 pitch
     -Lumino Grotto: Faron Floods Skyward Sword
     -Slime Caves: Inside the Great Tree Skyward Sword, bottom/boss room = 0.90 or 0.80 pitch
     -The Slime King: Pikmin 3 Midbattle theme

Big thanks to Noppes for making the custom NPCs mod! Obviously, if you want to know about any of the other mods, locate them in the mods folder and search them up. Sorry, won't be making 80 thank you paragraphs today!

Music is added via Actual Music 5, found here:

Instructions are in a README.txt file inside of the downloaded map folder. Saves, mods, forge download, Open AL download, Actual Music Folder, Configs, and another miscellaneous Actual Music file is inside, and the README.txt states what to do with them.


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