Color Run

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Welcome to Color Run :D This is my first minigame map that I'm posting on this website, pretty new but I hope you like it.


What is Color Run?

Color run is a fast paced minigame where the places are forced to run to the correct color. If the player doesn't do this, they fall to their death B).

You may be thinking, "Hey Forseeable, this isn't original, I can go play this on servers!!". The answer to this is that there are many unique modes, powerups and even a beat system which accelerates the speed as the floor is about to fall. Although modes don't seem like much, they are completely game changing.


What are all these modes?

There are 9 different modes for the game, here is a quick list:

Classic Mode: Running to the right color on a flat 2D template.

Parkour Mode: Most of the floor disappears and you need to make difficult parkour jumps to succeed.

Decay Mode: The floor slowly decays below you as you play, stand in between blocks to survive.

Monsters Mode: Zombies with knockback spawn while you play, make sure they don't knock you off!

Glide Mode: Fall or glide to the correct color with elytra wings.

3D Mode: All the templates are 3Dified, you can find mazes, 3D parkour and much more.

Super Speed: This is where you rack up the points. Basically classic mode with speed 4 :D.

Combat Mode: All the people in the game get knockback swords and hit eachother around.

Random: This cycles randomly through all of the modes above. Really challenging.



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