Chest: Dematerialized

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In Chest: Dematerialized you'll be confronted to 4 different tests dotted with small secrets. To accomplish thoses, you'll be helped by coloured blocks and items that gives you a permanent boost.


The map counts 8 eastereggs (in form of advancements) as well as 22 other custom advancements to keep you up to date about your progression in the map.


The map isn't very long, I finished it in 3'51" with 7 out of 8 eastereggs. Note that once you finish the map, you can retry each levels or restart the map entierly with 1 click!


Beware, this spoiler tells you how to obtain the 8 eastereggs!


42: Take the bricks from the armor stand at the spawn

Technical area: Go in the technical area

Waste of time: Click 50 times on a locked sign

Water is wet: Jump into water without the scuba

Knocked by powder: Drop concrete powder above your head

Sick: Stay 5 seconds on a brown block

Deep mystery...: Drop a green block in a teleporter

Home sweet home: Take a portal to the mission selection room 6 times


You can also play the map in French, for that you need to change you game's language to Français (France), note that if you wish to play in English, you must set your game's language to English (US).



Wanna try the map? Download it without any further ado!


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