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You worked for the villager mining corporation. One day while surveying for the company an anomaly was discovered--an unstable fault in the bedrock leading to the deep recesses below. A team of miners was sent to investigate but upon traveling through, an earthquake collapsed the mine sending you, and your fellow workers hurtling into the depths below. When you awake you find that you are trapped by the bedrock, in a vast underground world that has lain untouched by human hands for millions of years. The mobs have grown strong here and they are not happy about being disturbed. Can you survive and live in the deep underground or will this be the end? 


 Your challenge is to live, play, and build constrained entirely to the underground world. Resources are limited and food is scarce. Your ultimate challenge is to escape what will otherwise eventually be your tomb. Can you make it back to the surface alive or will you die far from the light of day? Your fate is up to you. 


This map features a customized world-type with drastic changes from default vanilla. The underground is MASSIVE and ore and dungeon generation has been completely overhauled. A Bedrock layer generates trapping you below Y=128. Your task is to survive and figure out how you might escape. Many surprises, riddles, secrets, and dangers lie hidden in the dark underground. Can you find them all and unravel the secrets of Cave-In? Good luck! 

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