Burning Lucky Block Building

10,209 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 21, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.8

The Burning Lucky Block Building!


-Consists of five floors,

each with its own design.



-Dedicated to the Lucky Block Mod

-Made for PopularMMOs Burning Structures Series




There are four different game modes you can play.


1) Classic Mode: Survive the falling lava and fire as long as you can.


2) Sudden Death Mode: Same as classic mode. But your health is lowered to 3 hearts


3) Kill them all Mode: Kill all the hostile mobs you can while surviving the lava and fire.


4) Knockback Mode: Knock back the hostile mobs while trying to survive the lava and fire



Download the map:

*Click here*


Feel free to check out my Lucky Block Add-On:









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