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Bossianus Land ---) Giant Amusement Park

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 Click here for my YouTube Video about this Park:

Map Info:

This is a giant Amusement Park with a lot of Attractions.
This Amusement Park have a lot of Rollercoaster's, Moving Thrill Rides (with out Mods) and a lot of little Easter Eggs !
This is just a Creation Map you can do waht ever you want with this map, have fun exploring it !
This is a Realistic Amusement Park, i tryed to make it so Realistic as possible.
Map made by: Bossianus

What do you have to do when you start this Map:

1. You will Spawn in a Room then read all Signs and after that press the button.
2. When you spawn in your house, go in your Garage and take all "Money" from the Chest, beacause you will need it.
3. Go in your "Car"(Minecart) and enjoy the roadtrip on the Freeway to the Amusement Park :D



-This Map is for the Minecraft PC Version (1.9)
-Play on Peaceful.
-Play only on Gamemode 2 !
-This Map is for Multiplayer and Singleplayer.
-When you play this Map on a Server you must activate
Commandblock's, because every thing in this map can't work with
Commandblock's !

The best Attracktions in this Park:

Poseidon: This is Watercoaster with 2 Drops and a Drop Throgh a Cave.
Silver Star: This is the biggest Rollercoaster in this Park
with a lot of Drops , Courves and at the end is a Photo Point. You can
buy your Ridephoto at the Exit of the ride.
Dark Ride: This is a Rollercoaster in a dark cave with a lot of special light effects.
Observation tower: You can see all of this amusement park from the highest point.
Danger Mine: A Rollercoaster that rides through a Mine with a lot of "scary" special effects.
Splash Mine: This Watercoaster rides through a Mine with a lot of drops inro the water.
Crazy Mine: A Rollercoaster that rides through a Mine with special effects and a there is a Point you will ride backwards. Firework Show: Every day at 00:00 a'clock starts a Firework show behind the Lake.