Battlehorn Castle

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We have received word that the residents of Battlehorn Castle are being plagued by the nearby clan of marauders. They have offered the building itself as a reward for any who can lift the siege. As you are quite well-outfitted and trained in the art of swordsmanship, we suggest that you help the soldiers, as you have been searching for a proper residence for quite some time.

The castle, due west of Chorrol, is nestled in the rugged hills of the Colovian Highlands. It is reported to be quite scenic. I think you shall find it to your liking.

But be wary, even once you conquer the bandits; rumours abound of strange, perhaps even supernatural occurrences in the castle... Perhaps you can lift the curse as well?

Good luck, sir!


This map is not complete! I'm only uploading it this early because I started it for a contest.



-Most of the exterior




-South Tower

-North Tower

-Named Villagers/Iron Golems

-Quest 1: Defeat the Marauders

-Quest 2: Unwanted Guests



-Great Hall

-East Wing

-Private Quarters

-Some of the exterior



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