Atilliary Facilities 4 - I.S.M.A

199 Downloads Last Updated: May 13, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

You are Agent Chuff, a strong-minded no-nonsense agent of the top secret British Military Intelligence sector 5. After a hard day of work, your boss, Senior Agent Miller lets you have the day off. However, all your previous training would've never prepared you for the horror that's silently lurking in your head...


  • A straightforward adventure with a soundtrack!
  • Play as an MI5 agent! (It's like the FBI but British!)
  • Talking re-textured NPCs and cutscenes!
  • Slightly scary mobs to fight! (But not too scary, I hope.) And soldiers!
  • Two boss battles (the first one is skippable)
  • Dreams!
  • Saving THE WORLD! (or at least England)


  • Feel free to record yourself playing the map!
  • This map may be a little scary, and contains blood (not very graphic).There are NO screamers or cheap frights, but some mobs may be creepy to hear or look at for the first time.
  • There is almost no parkour, but a lot of mob-fighting and dialogue.
  • The map can break on small render distances under 10. Can also break if you quit the map while somethings happening. I can't help you there. 10 render distance is the best!
  • There are no alternate paths, there is only one ending.
  • I've put A LOT of automatic checkpoints, so dying should not break the map nor make you lose progress.
  • This map can be played as a stand-alone, you don't need to play the previous adventure maps to understand what's going on. This chronologically continues right after Atilliary Facilities 3  but you play as a different person and you don't actually get to meet SADoS in this map. This map does add some more backstory to the previous Atilliary Facilities maps (particularly the prequel).

Technical Information:


  • There is NO voice acting. There might be one or two voice-acted lines implemented into the soundtrack for extra effect.
  • For Minecraft 1.11.2.
  • SINGLE-PLAYER ONLY. This map WILL break in multiplayer. (Tested)
  • Absolutely NEEDS the resource pack (comes with the save). The map will make no sense without it. I also suggest not having any other resource packs while playing, or it might replace textures/sounds in my pack and ruin the experience. (More info in the .txt)
  • I tried to optimize the map as much as possible. (Not activating repeat blocks until they're needed, removing them when they're not, ect...) but the map is still very redstone heavy. Try keep the render distance at least 10 minimum and try not to close the map while someone's talking or something's happening.
  • Please don't throw away or lose items. You might need them to progress...
  • I don't need to tell you not to change game-mode... But I do. Don't change gamemode.


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