Aquatic Disaster(Finale Update)

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1 months ago...

What happened. Something went wrong, the ship was destroyed. I don't see my home, where, Am I? Why am I on a grave. Am I death? The last thing I remember was fighting against a.....


 Welcome to the adventure!

I wanted to make Minecraft a lot harder so I decided to create a world with custom dungeons, structures, islands and bring more life to the world. The world is set to Hardcore, you can change the Difficulty by setting the world to online. 


How to Play 

  1.  In this map you'll need food to survive and a place to live. You will start on an island surrounded by 3 big islands and other islands that are far away from the spawnpoint. You will face custom mobs, bosses, and pirates.
  2. Remember that you're will be playing on a big island just like any other island, so be careful of what you want to kill. The Map is surrounded by dungeons inhabited on big islands, I recommend having a good armor before leaving the island or else you will be kill easily by the pirates or guardians.

   3. The Difficulty is set to hard, and trust me, it'll be really hard to not die. I recommend set the world to Normal Difficulty.


Aquatic Disaster(Halloween Update)

This new update adds...

- 6 dungeons with high tier loot.

- Killer bunnies, Witches, Vindicators and custom mobs spawns in the overworld.

-Hidden trophies. You can find them on dungeons and hidden on structures. Every Trophies can be used as a decoration and fighting. 

- And more... (You'll need to figure it out)


-The map contains a datapack called creatures++. The datapack brings costume mob spawning, like killer bunnies, Witches, and other custom mobs. 


The Finalle Update 


-The Finalle Update adds more detail to the world and adds more dungeons, and traps. AND CUSTOM VILLAGERS WITH CUSTOM TRADES!!!


  • A Desert tower(Dungeon)
  • 2 different Vindicators Camp
  • A dungeon hidden below the vindicators camp
  • Palm trees and small bushes
  • The last version of the datapack creatures++ 











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