Anomalous Ruins

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Be sure to check out Chronicles of Clo on the Minecraft Marketplace. Chronicles of Clo is the paid version of Anomalous Ruins for the bedrock edition of Minecraft. I've placed all the music in there. I've also added voice-acting and brand new content. Check out the trailer here:

I have no plans of removing the free version of the game, Anomalous Ruins from Curseforge.


 Original soundtrack for the map found here.

I will eventually find a way to integrate the music into the map.  Until then, play the soundtrack found in my soundcloud playlist in the background. 


Also check my blog post about the map and instructions on how to add the map to your minecraft account.




Anomalous Ruins is a story of loss and mourning about a cataclysmic event called Ragnarok.


Mild-mannered Clo once lived with her husband Lio in Origin City.  Long ago the founders of the city had fled some great calamity.  This calamity was far and away across the Barrier Sea.  It was found deep within the Forbidden Continent.



Clo worked in the green house garden with her mom.  Her husband always worked late at the nearby mine-shaft.


One day, while Clo was cooking up some mushroom stew for a late supper, Lio staggered in deathly ill.  Three days later, he died in Clo's arms whispering the strange words, “D L is here; D L is right here.”  In her grief she vowed to never lose a loved one again. 


She remembered all the great legends of her people.  The Tree of Life spoke of a great white tree with the ability to grant immortality to any who ate of its fruit.  The fruit also brought what was once dead back to life.  She had thought the stories false once upon a time, but now with her husband's death, she was distraught with a powerful and gloomy grief.  She would search for any chance of returning him.


This tree existed in the Forbidden Continent.  An airship crew planed to take their second voyage there.  They needed a camera person to help document the trip.  She applied.












The Cluttered Narwhal airship. Clo and the crew take this towards the Anomalous Ruins.


The game takes place after she has explored the ancient ruins in search of the tree.  You begin by leading Clo through a nightmare.  She remembers the loss of her husband, and his sudden return to her as a zombie.  She keeps on saying how she shouldn’t have tried to bring him back.  In the dream there is a button with a sun and moon bound together.  A creeper face is etched in sandstone above the button.  She remembers this vividly from the temples she had explored.  Once pressed, the whole world had been changed forever.


When she awoke, it was the day that the documentary of her journey was to be premiered.  She wondered around the city, exploring all its various hunts and haunts, until she faced the Moon Movie Theater.  Her premier awaited inside.  And this, my fellow minecraftian friends, is where Anomalous Ruins truly begins.

Original soundtrack for that map here.



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