An Amazing Journey: Adventure Edition

1,172 Downloads Last Updated: May 22, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

5/22/2018: A bunch of changes this time:

Changed a lot of command block scripting for aesthetic purposes. Adjusted speed of falling anvils in Minefield Maze. Added barricade blocks around chests in High Tower Maze to avoid theft of their content from over the fence. Added boats to the Gloomy Roger Lagoon Maze. Fixed spread of vines. Removed visible particle effects from spawned arrows. Added more minecarts to Shivery Crag Maze. Fixed ??? 6 book in Shivery Crag Maze.

Also, definitely runs in 1.12.2.

 Download the version with the resource pack here.


1/1/2018:  Just a small update here. Had to remove the contents of a chest that had some building material... that's it. Carry on. Happy New Year. Download the version with resource pack here.


12/3/2017:  This release optimizes the map for Adventure mode! I've also made a bunch of other changes and fixed some errors, like missing barrier blocks and emeralds.  Note:  I updated this map in Minecraft version 1.11.2 but I'm sure it's easy to use in more recent versions of Minecraft as well. Also Note:  This version of the map does not have a resource pack. If you want the version with the resource pack, you can download it here.


Update 07/26/2015: Fixed the 9 Gold Ingot error in Minefield Maze and fixed the air chests in Gloomy Roger Lagoon Maze.


This was originally completed in 2013 but I've been making some tweaks here and there.


It's a passion project, really. At the time, I was heavily inspired by the maps the Yogscast were playing on Youtube and I wanted to create something they might consider playing themselves. Honestly, I don't care who plays this map so long as someone does.


The inspiration for the mazes comes from Super Mario 64, yes, but the idea of creating mazes in Minecraft came up when I found my collection of old mazes from an early 90s maze generator program. My brother gave a bunch of sheets to me and I was interested in Super Mario 64's levels at the time so I recreated them in maze form. Now, the way these levels are depicted in my maps is a little different from how they're depicted in the original game, or even in the mazes I drew on all those years ago. So it's not just a Super Mario 64 maze map. It's something more than that.


I tried to make sure the game, which is admittedly a bit outdated (even now in Adventure mode), played as smoothly as possible with my recent tweaks. If you have any suggestions or noticed any bugs or whatever, please let me know. I'm TheZaius in several Minecraft-related circles.


Part 2 is out!


Part 3 is coming soon!


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