AIB's SevTech World Downloads

3,780 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 31, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

About This Project:

I am currently running a Youtube Series on my own modpack called SevTech: Ages where I am running a singleplayer world which I wanted to give off world downloads for every time I cross through an age where I would give a download link to the world over here along with the world seed.


Why Should You Download This?

So many times I have people asking me for a world download so that they can explore my world and through all my builds and understand what I have done themselves... or they just want to blow up my entire world using TNT. The point is to give people inspiration and give them ideas for making their own builds and maybe improve those builds and show their talent to others


World Seed: -8523255949497105416


Check out my SevTech: Ages Series- 

Check out the Modpack itself!:


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