Across The Time 2 - Time For Regrets

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Filename Across The Time II - Time For Regrets (release 3.1.0).zip
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Uploaded Jan 6, 2023
Game Version 1.19.3  
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Additions and Improvements:
- The map and its resource-pack have been updated and is now only playable with the latest version 1.19.3 of Minecraft.
- Added Exploits related to discovering checkpoints.


- The total number of Achievements has been adjusted and now amounts to 12024 points.


Bug fix:
- The effects of the "Remarkable" complete equipment set now work normally.
- Some systems that detect normal arrows can now also detect spectral arrows.
- Symbols in "Kortaek" can now be calculated.
- The "Shadow" boss dies normally in the final arenas.
- Some event dialogs have been corrected regarding the Chinese language.
- Original game music in some areas no longer plays automatically in the menu and on the map.
- It is no longer possible to engage the boss "The Hive" without entering the arena.


- The display of symbols for some areas has been corrected.
- Blocks have been added or removed in certain places to prevent the player from getting stuck wherever he goes in unauthorized places.