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Across The Time 2 - Time For Regrets

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- A large <strong>RPG Map/PVE,</strong> semi-open Solo or Multi (max 5 players).

- Over 30 hours of game time for the main storyline.

- A long main quest with an original story. - Many cutscenes throughout the adventure.

- A wide world with varied biomes and unusual realm in diverse dimensions.

- Magic spell consuming Dahäl can scale on 10 levels, each based on your improvement and your frequency of using them.

- Many secondary quests to complete, and an elaborate quest tracking system.

- GPS system pointing the player in the right direction of the chosen quest goal.

- Cities and villages spread across the worlds and inhabited by many NPCs with whom you will have to interact with.

- A Role Play always more entertaining thanks to a reputation system according to the responses and actions provided during your adventure.

- Hundreds of achievements to complete, and panoramas to discover for the intrepid travelers.

- Many items (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical) to collect.

- A resource pack adapted to the gameplay, with customized items (keys, artifacts, books), new types of weapons (Maces, Knives) and new sounds.

- The original musics composed entirely for the game.

- 3 Level difficulties (Apprentice, Veteran, Master) with a balanced death penalty system.

- Evolution of the player "Rising" by gaining experience (Hearts, Dahäl, Skills).

- Skills to unlock (Strength, Resistance, Haste etc...).

- Evolutionary and scalable system of the enemies depending on the level of player.

- Many battles against thousands of Monsters, Elites and Boss.

- Riddles, puzzles and jumping test and event will spice your quest up.

- A checkpoint system if you die and Waypoint to travel more easily.

- Thousands of chests and secrets to discover.

- A highly developed economy with its own currency « Chronotons » and a secondary one, very rare :« Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos ».

- Many shops (Food, Weapons, Armors, Potions...). - Weapons or armor recycling easily convertible in Chronotons.

- A bank to deposit your Chronotons.

- An anti-cheat system to drastically reduce the player’ cheat cravings and to ensure the good functioning of the systems and adventure map during this long journey.

Across The Time 2 data, it's about:
+ 12.000.000 m² (total area of the map, all dimensions),
+ 55,000 Words of dialogue
+ 20,000 Functions
+ 5,000 Mobspawner
+ 3,500 Chests
+ 700 Exploits
+ 450 Scoreboards
+ 400 Unique items
+ 350 Checkpoints
+ 350 Customized Sounds
+ 300 Quest Objectives
+ 150 NPCs
+ 50 Normal Levels
+ 50 Master Levels
+ 50 Side Quests
+ 30 Bosses
+ 25 Spells
+ 20 Original Music


If you would like to join our community and discuss Adventquest projects together: Discord

Adventquest is the fusion of two French gaming enthusiast who have decided to create and share, through their expertise, substantial and original content through Minecraft: Support Us




Regarding streaming or video retransmission, everyone is of course allowed to do so. However, it is recommended that you do not appropriate our work because of the rights of the project.

- The the last map version is now compatible only with version 1.19.2 of Minecraft.
- Install and activate the resource pack "Across The Time II - Resource Pack (v3.0.1)" before starting to play.
- Stay in Adventure gamemode.
- Render Distance Minimum (Chunk vision) : 10
- Solo playable but possibility of cooperative play: 1 to 3 players advised, Maximum 5 players.
- Always keep the same Minecraft nickname with which you started to play the map.
- The OptiFine mod can be installed to play "Across The Time 2", but beware the mobs may be invisible sometimes (if you find yourself in this case, quit and come back to the map)

- You have to install a server. To do this, many tutorials are available on the internet like this:
- You must assign yourself the administration of the server by writing this command in the server terminal: /op [playername]
- Use a vanilla server (do not use plugins with "Spigot", "Bukkit", "Paper" etc...).
- Enable the command block and configure the properties of the server as indicated below.

Very often due to a lack of RAM allocated to your game or server when loading the map, two choices are offered between: launching the map in "safe mode" or "returning to the main menu". Never choose to run the map in safe mode as this means that the datapack will not be loaded and will therefore break all gameplay elements of the map, which will require re-installing the entire map.
If there are crashes, freezes, or errors like this occurring when launching the map, you just haven't allocated enough RAM to your Minecraft game or server.

Allocate RAM Information:
Player Number 1-2
- Minimum required: 3Go.
- Recommanded: 4Go.
Player Number 3-5
- Minimum required: 5Go.
- Recommanded: 6Go.


To increase RAM:

1. Launch the "Minecraft" launcher and go to the "Installations" tab.
2. Select the profile on which you want to increase the RAM allocated to Minecraft.
3. Click on "More options" located at the bottom right of the screen.
4. Change the text in the JVM ARGUMENTS section "-Xmx2G" to "-Xmx4G", so you will increase the allocated RAM from 2Go to 4Go.
5. Click on "Save".


If this is your first time playing the game, it is advisable not to play difficulty: "Nightmare". However, if there are several players on the map, it is advisable not to play in "Apprentice" difficulty.




level-name=Across The Time II - Time For Regrets (release 3.0.1)
motd=Across The Time II - Time For Regrets (release 3.0.1)


Video (Option > Graphic options…):
- Render Distance (Chunk vision) Minimum : 10
- Brightness : Maximum
- Clouds : OFF
- Dynamic FOV : ON


Sound (Option > Music and Sound…):
- Music levels at 100%.
- Others at 50%.


Chat (Option > Chat options…):
- 100% opacity
- Chat Shadow: OFF
- Chat Background: Compact


OptFine Mod:
- Option/VideoSetting/Quality/ConnectedTextures : OFF