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A Helpful Night is a map that takes place from a few days before christmas eve to christmas eve. You start off in the wilderness, where you have to set up your camp for the first night. On your way back to the town, a lot of different stuff happens, for example you meet people, who you can talk to thanks to a dialog system via chat. If you choose to help the people, they'll give you something in return... later. You can also see many breath taking views on your way. Every choice you will be making in the map, can litterly infect the entire story. Theres even an shopping system where you can buy stuff like christmas hats or other stuff! And you can even equip them!

This project was started on 29. October.
This project is released on 7 January 2016



* Cool Animations.
* Interaction with the world.
* People you can help along your journey.
* No copyrighted music and sound effects.
* Detailed Buildings.
* 3D Modeled Hats you can put on your head.
* A christmas celebration with your friends... or alone.
* 1-3 player support.
* A story that adapts to the choices you make, like in Minecraft: Story Mode.
* Quest System
* 6 Minigames

If you are going to play this map on your YouTube channel, please put a link with the download
to this map in the description and credit it as made by Team Magnar. Also please
post a comment to this thread with a link to the let's play.