Yuushya 16x

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160,141 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 20, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +13


Yuushya is a Minecraft resourcepack including many features. It makes your world more attractive.

Better with Optifine, and to apply CTM & CIT feature, you MUST install Optifine.

Here're 2 in-game catalogues. One is for the flower pot (which will show up when you put one in the left hand), the other is for CIT catalogue (which will show up when you hold an Iron nuggget and with Optifine on)



Within the pack there are 60 CIT decorations. Rename a Slime block to the specific number in anvil to get the items. Then put the items into a Item frame to apply them.

Work in Minecraft 1.13~1.17.



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