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804 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
Hello! This is a resource pack that adds various new models for items within the game. Some of the features within this pack you can expect to have includes completely revamped models, textures and animations for collectibles of different rarities within Wynncraft. Most models in this pack are either inspired by the lore that describes them or by concepts that were thought of by myself; eventually I would like to have multiple models per item that are both inspired by lore and conceptually created.
This is a work in progress resource pack and will take some time before I would consider it to be completed. This resource pack requires Optifine in order to run properly as it utilizes features from the mod in order to accomplish what it does. For now the resource pack only includes a handful of mythic items from the game but as I concept and create new models they will be implemented as updates to the resource pack. My initial goal will be to create unique models and textures for all mythic items first and perhaps branch out to legendaries and rares at a later time. If you have any ideas for models please contact me as you please either on the forums, here, contacting me directly through Discord at Irony#6685 or messaging me in-game when I'm online.
  • Download and install Optifine within your client on your desired launcher. The current version I would recommend everyone uses would be the latest one for 1.12.2, the download for the mod can be found here.
  • Download the latest version of the resource pack from the CurseForge page available down below and drop the zipped file into the resource pack folder of your desired Minecraft instance.
  • Navigate to the resource pack selection page from in-game and enable the resource pack, ensure to load the resource pack as low as possible on the resource packs list to prevent conflict with other resource packs that work similarly to this one.

Q: Can this resource pack be used without Optifine?

A: No, Optifine is an absolute requirement that is needed for features in this pack to work properly.

Q: Can I give you new ideas and models to be used in this pack?

A: Sure! That is actually encouraged, although I would have to make some adjustments to models and textures to fit the theme of Wynncraft I am open to your suggestions




  • You may not redistribute any of the assets found in this resource pack without my explicit permission or credit.
  • You may not claim any of the assets in this resource pack as your own.
  • You may not reupload this resource pack anywhere else, it will only ever be available on this forum page or on Curse.
  • You may feel free to use this resource pack on any server, in a screenshot or video.
  • You may feel free to alter the resource pack in any way for your own personal use


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