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It has been a long time coming, but I am proud and pleased to finally present...
World of Minecraft
HD 128x128 World of Warcraft Resource Pack!


The World of Minecraft Project aims to combine two of the worlds greatest franchises of all time into one truly unique experience. This Resource Pack completely replaces 100% of all Minecraft assets with World of Warcraft's. Tiles, weapons, armor, mobs, sound effects, GUI, music and more. Upon the projects completion it will be an entirely unique Warcraft experience, in Minecraft. The pack utilizes hand painted textures and assets along with some imported from Blizzard to create a feeling of nostalgia that all World of Warcraft players will feel right at home with. The project has been in development for over 8 months and will see tons of growth as it continues to expand into all new territories...

What Does This Pack Include?

- Professionally done hand painted textures and assets

- Sounds and Music imported straight from World of Warcraft

- HD features like Animated Textures, CTM, Randomized Textures & more!

- An authentic World of Warcraft feeling packed in to every pixel!


This is an HD Resource Pack and is built around the use of Optifine. For the best possible and glitch free experience be sure to be running the pack with the latest version of Optifine. This Pack also uses mostly hand created and modified assets, but utilizes textures and other assets found on online open sources as well. If you see something in this pack that is yours and would like proper credit or it removed, please let the author know immediately (links found at the bottom) and we will work with you to remedy this issue at our earliest convenience. This pack is also until further notice, incomplete. Over the course of the coming months more and more will be added to the pack as it reaches gold. Please understand everything you are playing with in its current state is an Alpha experience and should be judged on those merits.


This project will not be stopping at %100. It will continue to grow and expand into an even larger and more fulfilling World of Warcraft Minecraft experience. Plans are currently underway that will see this project expand into mod territory adding Races, Classes, Weapons, Armor, Abilities, Biomes, Mobs, Resources, Realms and more completely converting Minecraft into a brand new World of Warcraft Sandbox Rpg game. This is a very immense undertaking for our team to take on which is why we need the support of our awesome community to get there. How can you help? Go to the next section!


There are plenty of ways to help out with this project. For starters if you are an artist, programmer and/or Minecraft modder in general, we need YOU to join our team and make this project a reality! We are constantly looking for additional team members that can utilize their skills to help us grow the project in any way they can.

If you do not have any of these particular skill sets, consider becoming a patron on our official World of Minecraft Patreon page. There you can climb the ranks and earn exclusive rewards and content. Be the first to try out new content, get custom art assets for yourself, and more!

Become a patron and earn tons of cool stuff while doing it! There are plenty of rewards to be had so what are you waiting for?! Lets grow this project to brand new heights!

Join us on Discord and engage with the awesome World of Minecraft community! Share screenshots, stories, opinions and more as we discuss any and all things World of Minecraft!

Check out exclusive screenshots and sneak peeks for the project on whats coming next. We post daily!

Our YouTube doesn't see a whole lot of action at the moment. But it very well will in the future so if you get the chance, sub there too!


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