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4,649 Downloads Last Updated: May 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.16-Snapshot

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1.13 Discontinued

1.14  Discontinued




Made as a companion for my mod Weaponry+



3D Items

-Netherite tools

-Diamond tools

-Iron tools

-Gold tools

-Stone tools

-Wooden tools

-Books/Book and quill/ Enchanted books



-Name tag

-Totem of Undying

-Banner Patterns

-Flint and steel




Texture Changes (Moved to separate pack found here)

-Diamond Ore

-Prismarine Bricks


-Gilded Blackstone

Ancient Debris



 *You may use assets in your own PRIVATE pack, but may not release it as your own. You may use this pack in your server, if permission and credit is given. If there are any questions, leave a comment.*


-Models made with Blockbench

Feel free to leave suggestions for items and models


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