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Visible ores is a Minecraft texture pack that aims to make mining way easier and faster. It does this using optifine features and works well with shaders. So if your someone who likes to use shaders, but doesn't like how hard it is to see ores while mining then this pack is for you.

Note: You NEED Optifine for this pack to work properly

Download Optifine at



🧩Connecting Textures

Blocks with these features:

 Diamond Ore

 Emerald Ore

 Coal Ore

 Copper Ore

 Redstone Ore

 Lapis Ore

 Gold Ore

 Iron Ore

 Raw Ore Blocks

 Nether Ores


Bearded Goof YT Channel:

Options>Video Settings>Quality

Emissive Textures: ON

Connected Textures: Fancy/Fast



- ğŸ”¥Luminous

- ğŸƒTechy's Bushy Leaves

Introduced Shaped Version

Introduced labPBR Versions

Version 1.1

Made inside of coal glow, but dimmer than iron(Both versions of pack)

Version 1.2

Added mod support to the Mod Immersive Engineering

Version 1.3

Adds animation(pulse) to diamond ore so it will catch your eye even easier.

- If you would like to see different animations just leave a comment!

Version 1.4

Coal now has an inverted glow so it can be easily differentiated between iron

Version 1.5

Retextured ores to match the new 1.17 textures. Hopefully helping users with color blindness

Version 2.0

Updated textures of ores and added effect to deep slate variants

Version 2.1

Fixed compatibility issues with some textures packs and updated to 1.17.1

Version 2.2

Fixed compatibility issues with more textures packs

Version 2.3

Updated to 1.18

Version 2.4

Bug fixed modeling errors

Version 2.5

Updated to 1.18.2 and made raw ore blocks glow

Version 2.6

Updated to 1.19(Works with OptiFine HD U H8 pre7 or newer)


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